Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday-Wednesday~Working at the church

On Monday, the ladies helped do the regular cleaning around the church (vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, etc.), the men worked on the apartment, and the children enjoyed being with other kids their age and had lots of play time.

Here I am vacuuming, obviously. :-)

On Tuesday, the men and children continued what they had been doing on Monday, while the ladies put up a few bookshelves and loaded them. (No, we did not organize them in that time. That is something that Pastor Teachout will need to do if he wants to ever know what he has and where it's at. These books were actually all given to him when his uncle had to move and couldn't take his library with him.)

On Wednesday, the Teachouts left for some meetings they had in Maine. The ladies went out shopping for kitchen stuff (minus the food) and anything else we may have forgotten for Valerie and me and our apartment (and we got a mini view of Quebec city on, or rather out, of the way :-) ). While we were away, the guys got to "dig in" on re-organizing the basement from the workroom it had been to an open area where the kids can play and it can be used for classes and whatever else it may be needed for.

Some "before and after" pictures.

The main section of the basement, the workroom.


The church kitchen and temporary laundry room.



This was where we laid out our breakfast options at the beginning of our stay, but it really is to be the schoolroom.

And After

Oh, and here is a picture of all the kitchen stuff we got, all unpackaged and ready to be washed. No, we are not that messy - like ever - only when we get a bunch of new stuff that needs cleaning and we have to stop to get ready for the Wednesday evening service!


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