Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Afternoon~Isle Aux Coudres

You've probably never heard of this place, but we had a lot of fun there. It is an island, in case you weren't sure, so we had to take a ferry over to it. That was a first for everybody in the family, I believe. Then, once we got over there, we went to a place where there are all kinds of extra-ordinary bikes. We rented two of them and spent about two hours riding along the island coast. For some of us, two hours of biking isn't very long, but everybody (except Zach and Lisa, who couldn't reach the pedals) was quite worn out at the end of that time. It doesn't help that we were all sort of tired and worn out anyway and some of us had some rather sore muscles from climbing back up the stairs at Montmorency Falls two nights before. It was extremely enjoyable anyway and was certainly the first time any of us had done it and we likely will never be able to do it again - a chance of a lifetime!

No, the pictures of me driving are not posed, they're the real thing. I got to add to my list of vehicles I've driven. Let me see, riding lawn mowers, bumper cars, and fancy, on-road bikes! Someday, probably next year, I'll add a regular vehicle to that list!

The Quebec flag.This flag is becoming quite the familiar sight nowadays!
The cool bikes!My original group. (We switched groups and seatings multiple times throughout the trip.) The other group before they left.

We stopped for a somewhat posed picture with the Saint Lawrence River in the background before we turned around to head back to the bike place.
Kimberly did get to try it as well, but she and Dad both agree she's not quite ready to be on the roads just yet.David and HB got to try their hands at driving too - but only in the parking lot.


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